Covid 19 Update

Dear Valued Customers, We live in testing and turbulent times. Respecting the almost expected challenges of the Australian environment, we now face dealing with an international pandemic. The coronavirus has turned the world upside down and we all are dealing with this as best as we can with the information provided.


Dear Valued Customer, Eco-Farms is currently not affected and is trading at full capacity across all sites. As we write this letter, we are sure you are aware and preparing your own business and Eco-Farms have been holding daily meetings regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can manage this across our sites nationally. There […]

Bush fires and how it affects you

Hi , I’m sure you’ve heard about the bush fires ravaging throughout New South Wales. We are so grateful for the work of the RFS and all the brave volunteers involved in protecting people and property in the area.Unfortunately, we are one of those who need their assistance. Our source is only 2km from the fires […]

A letter from Eco-Farms

Dear Valued Customer,As residents of this sunburnt country, we would be well aware of the conditions we may contend with. Dorothea Mackellar summed it up best in her poem “My Country” when she wrote, “Her beauty and terror – The wide brown land for me!”.The most recent of Australia’s concerns is the bushfire that is […]