Covid 19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,
We live in testing and turbulent times. Respecting the almost expected challenges of the Australian environment, we now face dealing with an international pandemic. The coronavirus has turned the world upside down and we all are dealing with this as best as we can with the information provided.

Within the wholesale produce realm, Eco-Farms led the way by enforcing regulations on point of entry, such as sanitizing and core temperature readings of individuals. It’s lamentable however we now need to step this up notch.This is a difficult decision, for me personally, I love the interaction with the customer base, the questions that are raised, the information that is gathered and the personable discussion that occurs.

Nevertheless it is imperative, that we as a society do what we can in attempt to reduce the spread, prevent exposure and protect each other.

Eco-Farms will now be limiting and/or restricting access to our site at point of entry.This is as good a time as ever to remind our customers that Eco-Farms has one of the leanest delivery options available for refrigerated goods.

Not to mention, we will continue to stock one of the largest ranges of organic certified produce & groceries around! We fully understand this may cause some irritation however let’s face it, there is far more disruption occurring around us in these times.

Can we also add, the stock piling of goods is not helping the cause, like the rest of the country, it’s the logistical side of things that is the first hurdle, as there is only so many transport options available.

Please understand this encompasses the entire supply chain, which consists of supply to Eco-Farms, our own restocking, our supply to you and of course your customer base. The teams are doing their utmost, however part of our contingency is to ration the supply chain.

Rationing in produce is part of everyday life and unfortunately, we envision more of this. Rationing in grocery is far less common however, as the produce lessons of over 1000 years have taught us, it is one of the most effective methods of spreading the load and assisting the supply chain.

In these testing and turbulent times, it can be difficult to remain level headed. I can only offer one more message towards this –