A letter from Eco-Farms

Dear Valued Customer,
As residents of this sunburnt country, we would be well aware of the conditions we may contend with. Dorothea Mackellar summed it up best in her poem “My Country” when she wrote, “Her beauty and terror – The wide brown land for me!”.
The most recent of Australia’s concerns is the bushfire that is currently sweeping through millions of hectares of land, and that’s just the East Coast. This is while similarly large swathes of land are also in drought. Whereby the country faced 11 tropical cyclones last season, and we almost forgot the flood events at the beginning of the year when we saw most of Queensland’s North receive thousands of millimetres of rain in 7 days, however, this event did fill our famous Lake Eyre in Central Australia to its fullest in 45 years.
We write this not to give you some news or insight about what is currently happening, but more importantly, to illustrate the plight of our farmers. As we moil through our cities, the farmers toil their land. As it stands today, at least one of our farmers has lost their farm and many more face current fire fronts. Approximately 20% of our growers are in a drought and facing water shortages that will most likely force less or no plantings for the next season.
Similarly to the rain event earlier in the year, which brought on road closures, supply decreases and price increases, we should expect more of the same over the coming weeks and months.
We are all facing our own difficulties, however, we can take a little time to remember what it takes for us to be able to have a relatively consistent supply of foods on our plates.
And please, let’s not dwell on what we don’t have, but moreover, cherish what we do have.
To our farmers, we will support you however we can. 

David Como & Eco-Farms Team
National Produce Manager